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Curls Kinks Fros and Me as a brand is an all around reflection of my life. It’s relatable to new naturals, mothers, women that have been natural for years, young girls, men with natural hair partners, and those that are interested in the natural hair community. Through sharing my journey I wanted people to laugh with me, feel good about themselves, learn hair health, and associate CKFM with their everyday life. Interacting with new people and seeing the positivity that comes from bonding with someone over hair is amazing!
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New Wraps with rich, deep, warm, and soft tones have been added just in time for Fall.

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Twisted Tales Vlog
#1 Friendships... Its Levels to this S#!%
Vanavia Richardson and Desiree Ray join me Sherita Benson as we put our Spin on Levels of Friendship, Social Media "Friends", and Those that once were.

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Music Minute- Tank And The Bangas (Video Courtesy of Tiny Desk Concert)